Secluded  Wood Farm 

Alpacas, Anatolians  & Easter Egger Hens

                                                  Our Story.
We are Matt and Troy. At the time we met, in 1999, we were two thirty-something registered nurses living in Toronto Ontario and have been on an adventure ever since.

 (We can't take credit for the Toronto photos, that was before we went digital. Toronto photos were lifted from the web)
Our journey into the new millennium took us from Toronto to South Miami, Florida, where we lived and worked for 6 years. During our time in Miami we began building a beautiful home base we called "Secluded Wood". Secluded Wood was a modest home in the Miami suburbs that was nestled into a secluded, wooded lot... hence the name. We both had a love of gardening, and that love, coupled with Miami's 365 day per year growing season, made for a great opportunity to create beautiful outdoor spaces with plants. We turned that simple wooded lot into a lush sub-tropical garden retreat.
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Secluded Wood became a comfortable home base from which we could explore another one of our great loves...
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Having conquered, but certainly not depleted our love for travel and gardening, we began looking around for something new on which to expand our adventure. Of all the things we considered, raising Alpacas soon came to the top of the list. Our curiosity was peaked when we saw an advertisement for the Alpaca Industry on TV. So after doing our research, visiting local alpaca farms and taking a Journey to Peru we began planning for an alpaca farm in Florida.  A series of events altered our course, however, and we decided to return to Canada for this new leg of the adventure. And what a timely decision it turned out to be. One week after we made the decision to move to British Columbia, hurricane Katrina swept through Florida, followed by hurricane Wilma, and devastated Secluded Wood. The house remained standing, but the tropical garden that we spent years planning and cultivating was essentially stripped bare. We took it as a sign that moving away from Florida was the right choice. If there had been any reservations about leaving Florida, Katrina & Wilma wiped them out along with the gardens.

         On our return to Canada, we initially settled into the B.C. Interior, a small valley near the town of Chase called,
                                                             Turtle Valley and established our first Alpaca farm.
                     Turtle Valley was a magical spot that was captured well by author Gail Anderson-Dargatz's novels
           The Cure for Death by Lightning and her more recent work, Turtle Valley.    And it was captured in photos by us.



Life has a way of steering you in the right direction...eventually. We decided to leave Turtle Valley for Vancouver Island, temporarily making a home in Victoria we searched for "just the right place" to continue our adventure. The scenery and wildlife of B.C.'s Vancouver Island really can't be beat, and we enjoyed getting to know our new home island.

We eventually re-located to Sooke B.C., "Where the rainforest meets the sea", as the city slogan goes. Sooke is a quiet community, 40 minutes east of Victoria, on the south east tip of Vancouver Island. As part of a temperate rainforest the Sooke district has one of the mildest climates in Canada.

On May 1, 2010 we took possession of our new property and began the process of turning 4 acres of forested land into our new Alpaca paradise.  The new SECLUDED WOOD ALPACAS was born.

The adventure continues...