Secluded  Wood Farm 

Alpacas, Anatolians  & Easter Egger Hens

We are a small, family owned and operated alpaca farm on the southern tip of 
Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada.

On the continuum between simple traditional Andean pastoralists and

modern mechanized ranch, we like to think we lean toward the pastoralists. 

We don't have fancy buildings or equipment,

just two shepherds tending their herd.

Unlike larger farms, with dozens or even hundreds of animals,

we maintain a small herd.  

This allows us to physically handle every animal, every day !  

That means our alpacas are well socialized and have a calm, easy temperament.  This not only aids in their handling and management but also lets us reap the reward of the love and affection these critters can give.   

Welcome to the Farm !