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Cougar Watch !

Posted on April 13, 2014 at 5:30 PM

It's that time of year again. Southern Vancouver Island, and specifically the area our farm is in, is often frequented by cougars, who despite abundant wild pray, occasionally stock and kill domestic livestock and pets. Last April conservation officers unfortunately had to put down 3 cougars, a mother and 2 one year old kitttens, who were killing livestock in our neighborhood.


Luckily for us Jacques was on the job, and none of our alpaca were taken.  

While cougars are a particular threat in our area, actually;

Off leash neighborhood dogs are the biggest threat to alpacas!

Dogs too small to outright attack the alpaca will often chase them until the alpaca dies of exhaustion.  More alpacas are killed by dogs than are killed by other predators.

Last year, a roaming neighborhood dog was on our property with this baby fawn in its jaws. Jacques and Matt had to rescue it before it was killed. It just as easily could have been one of our baby alpaca !  You can see in the photos below that the fawn is just about the same size as our day old cria (baby alpaca).


Troy with Jewel,  Matt with the fawn, and Matt with Eleven.

Thanks to Jacques, those roaming neighborhood dogs may come onto our property, but they wouldn't think of coming past the fence line and into our pasture. A strong herd guardian is essential and nothing gets past Jacques!

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