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100% Natural Alpaca Fibre Dryer Balls

Posted on December 3, 2014 at 3:10 PM

Detox your laundry by using 100% Natural Alpaca Fiber Dryer Balls.

Fabric Softeners and Dryer Sheets can contain all kinds of harmful chemicals, including hidden fragrance chemicals that many people are sensitive to.

University researchers found hazardous chemicals, including acetaldehyde and benzene, which are classified by the USA Environmental Protection Agency as carcinogens. YIKES!

These chemicals can build up and clog your dryer’s lint screen, making your dryer a lot less efficient. They also get into your cloths and can rub off on your skin.

Additionally, dryer sheets are not renewable. Think of the amount of waste in used dryer sheets that a typical family would use in a single year alone.

What about those synthetic or rubber dryer balls? I haven't found any research on this, but you can't tell me that heated up rubber isn't giving off some pretty nasty stuff into the environment and your cloths.


Advantages of 100% Natural Alpaca Fibre Dryer Balls:

• They have NO CHEMICALS to harm the environment, you or your family.

• They save you money by replacing fabric softener and dryer sheets.

• They save energy and reduce your hydro bill by shortening dryer time.

• They soften cloths, reduce static cling and reduce wrinkling.

• They are made of 100% pure natural colour Alpaca Fibre, so cannot run or bleed onto you laundry.

You can add a few drops of your own essential oil to each ball to give your laundry a customized fragrance. But be sure to use chemical free essential oils.

How do Alpaca Dryer Balls work?

• They decrease drying time by better circulating and separating your laundry, getting the warm dry air right down to the core of the laundry load!

• They soften and reduce wrinkling by gently fluffing your laundry as they bounce around in the dryer.

• The more Alpaca Fiber Dryer Balls you add to your dryer, the faster the drying time, softer the feel and more money you will save.


How many Alpaca Dryer Balls do you need?

• 2 - 3 Alpaca Dryer Balls, tossed into the dryer with your wet laundry will greatly reduce static.

• 4 balls will greatly reduce your drying time.

• 6 balls are the best for softening and greatly reducing drying time, especially in large loads.


How long do Alpaca Dryer Balls last?

Alpaca dryer balls should last for years if given proper care. However, some people like to renew them every 12 months for "fresher" product.


How do I care for my Alpaca Dryer Balls?

Make sure they dry out completely after each use to prevent molding. They can get a bit pilly, but you can depill them with a razor or sweater de-piller. If they start to fall apart, you can replace them or try this fix: Refelt them by slipping them into some panty hose, tied off in individual sections, and running them through a mildly soapy HOT water machine wash and dry cycle.


$10 for a package of 2 100% Natural Alpaca Fiber Dryer Balls.

$25 for a full set of 6



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