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Alpaca Killed by Dogs

Posted on January 31, 2015 at 4:10 PM

An alpaca was killed by neighborhood dogs recently, just kilometers north of us. Here is a link to the story.

Even well trained and behaved dogs can be very unpredictable around livestock and should never be allowed to roam. A friend brought her extremely well trained dog to the farm for a visit. Once inside the pasture this consistently well behaved dog instantly started chasing the alpaca and would not obey any commands from its owner. We had to chase the dog down to separate it before it exhausted the poor alpaca.

So don’t think it’s just the pit bulls and other aggressive breed dogs that can do damage. Your sweet little precious pooch many not be so precious if it gets a chance to terrorize my alpaca.

Almost daily we have sightings and find physical evidence that neighbourhood dogs, which are allowed to roam free, out of their own yards, have been well inside our property line, close to the pasture terrorizing our dogs who have been charged with the protection of the herd.


I keep posting this but feel it is important to keep saying...


Neighbourhood dogs are the biggest threat to alpacas and other livestock. Dogs, allowed to roam free, are not only a danger to livestock, they are a danger to themselves. I have had to dodge and swerve to avoid hitting several neighbourhood dogs that just wander along our windy, narrow county road.

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