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 Huacaya:       Unproven

DOB:             JULY 17, 2011

ARI#              32613742

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CLAA#           Eligible

DAM:             Dovecote Lenita 4314  

SIRE:             Mr Supreme

Heritage:       >3/4 Peruvian / Chilean

Colour:          White 




  Lexi was the first born of our 2011 cria and the start of a busy cria season here at Secluded Wood Alpacas.

 Lexi and Mom Lenita

This is Lexi in full Cria Fleece.


Several exceptional and well known lines have come together to produce this stunning maiden alpaca.

Her sire, Mr Supreme, is the grandson of  Ppperuvian El Moustachio,  (The "Original" El Moustachio),  who was a direct import from the renown Accoyo herd in Peru.

The Accoyo  bloodlines are known for adding  density and crimp to the fleece.  Due to the denseness of fibre and the fact that the Accoyo animals tended to be larger than average in size,  while other major alpaca breeders were reporting optimal fleece weights of 7-9 pounds,  the Accoyo herd was reporting  single alpaca fleece of 12-15 pounds!  The first Accoyos were imported to the United States from Peru in 1994, where they began to forever positively influence the genetics of the North American alpaca herds.      

Her grandfather is the well know herdsire DLA Peruvian Pastoro. Known for his amazing density and coverage, as well as his calm temperament, Pastoro's offspring consistently took ribbons in show rings.   Pastoro was the son of 2 amazing alpacas.   Pperuvian Vengador  and Pperuvian Puka Pollera.

Pperuvian Vengador is another direct Accoyo import well known to most in the alpaca business and whose genes and progeny are a huge part of the foundation herd in North America.

Pperuvian Puka Pollera, an outstanding female import, also left her mark on the North American alpaca industry.  Puka was imported from the Conchatanca herd in Peru and produced some of the most sought–after alpacas in North America.  The Conchatanca  herd produced some of the finest and densest alpacas ever found making animals from this region highly treasured.  Her sons DLA Peruvian Thunderbolt and DLA Peruvian Pastoro became  extraordinary herdsires and their offspring  have been winning in the show ring for years.

And finally, Solar de Peru, her great-grandfather,  has his own legacy.  From the Alianza region, another famous alpaca region of Peru, this herdsire passed on his superior genetics, conformation, and fiber to each of his offspring.  His owner noted, in particular, how Solar de Peru "passes on fiber filled faces, dense topknots and crimpy fiber with long staple length".   Solar de Peru's dam  Ppperuvian Sunflower, was an import from the third Peruvian importation.   Solar was owned and used as a herdsire at Driscoll Alpacas in Canada where he was referred to as "a top breeding stud".  Solar is the father of the first registered twins born in North America.

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