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The Vancouver Island Llama and Alpaca Club

consists of a variety of local (or friends of local) farmers, fibre artists and/or camelid enthusiasts. If you are lucky enough to consider yourself in any of these categories, OR if you are considering adding alpacas or llamas to your current farm or as a possible lifestyle choice, you are invited to check out this club. They are a friendly bunch, offering the opportunity to not only purchase healthy animals but to guide & support you in the confidence to care for your new animals. Club meetings offer workshops and tons of information through the experience of the clubs many long time members. Whether it be handling & training, llama packing, fibre processing or getting ready for your first show, all you need to know is available through the Vancouver Island Llama and Alpaca Club.

The Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association

was formed in 1987 and incorporated under the 

Animal Pedigree Act of Canada in 1989

Only one breed association per breed is incorporated under this act and given authority to represent that specific breed. They have sole authority to represent a breed(s) and manage a public registry for the breed, to issue registration certificates, to establish breed standards and rules of eligibility for registration and define what is a purebred.

The breed association or Registry in Canada responsible for these activities with regard to alpacas and llamas is the Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association.

The Camelid Quarterly Magazine, commonly referred to simply as CQ, is a full colour, high-quality, Camelid specific magazine totally independent of any political influences.

CQ concentrates its efforts on the development of the camelid industry through education, promotion, sharing, integrity, and sound business practices. 
Editorial content is robust, timely and sometimes controversial. Open and diverse editorial comes from the direct involvement of the Camelid industry and is all accessible 24/7 by our subscribers in our online Library.